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The reviews are in, and they are stunning. The way people have embraced Teslas Off Grid Generator is truly amazing, but once you know the benefits of the system, it’s not hard to see why everyone is excited. The system itself is designed so that people with little to no scientific background can use the plans. They are accompanied by a series of precise instructions, both in written and video form. The ease of adoption is no doubt attributable in part to this easy method of putting things in place. There is also the simplest reason of all that people are embracing Teslas free power generating system: people like saving money. The investment in the system is very minimal, and the returns are extraordinary. For many people, creating Teslas Off Grid Generator costs less than twenty dollars. The return on that minimal investment is immediate and stark. Savings of hundreds of dollars in power bills can make a big difference for a person in these economic times. The financial crisis left millions of people hurting, and Teslas Off Grid Generator is one simple way that an individual can take some control back over their finances and their future. In addition, it’s a very environmentally responsible way to use energy, which makes for a great solution all the way around.
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Introduction to Teslas Off Grid Generator

Tesla knew that radiant energy was a cost effective and safe source of energy that could be tapped to help millions. However, the market forces of his time left him at the back of the pack and his marketing never caught up to the other options that were available at the time. As is often the case with the most brilliant scientists, Tesla designed the best solution but was not able to get it to market properly – it’s waited until now to become a well-known way to capture efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy.

Dr. David Ranko has compiled the science and the practical know-how to make the generator an achievable dream for so many people worldwide. He distributes a three part manual, which contains instructions so basic that anyone can follow them. The manual is accompanied by professionally designed workbooks, helping the first time builder understand the process without wasting materials and money. Finally, the learning videos that Dr. Ranko has created are there to make sure everyone can follow along and achieve the goal of building their own generator. Even school aged children have been able to follow the construction process. Dr. Ranko also understands that, for the non-electrician, there can be a lot of questions about how to connect Teslas Off Grid Generator to a home or business power system. Getting the power from the generator to the power box is an included step with this system, and Dr. Ranko’s explanations are detailed, easy to follow, and safe.

Dr. Ranko also includes information about the need for personal power today. When there are governments pushing costs for power up, and there is a significantly reduced ability to rely on commercial power grids, the need to take responsibility for one’s own well being is paramount. Modern solar panels, which are arguably the second best source of energy, are expensive and not constructed in an environmentally friendly way. The best way to approach the generator, Dr. Ranko claims, is to have the current power use audited by a professional. This way there will be a record of not only weaknesses in the power creation and delivery systems, but the opportunity to seal up power leaks that you may not be aware of. This audit will only allow the generator to produce more for you, with less input, and to remain even more maintenance free.

The generator itself operates off of organic materials. Using around one gallon of water and easily obtained plant materials like grass and branches, the generator can create unlimited power. Connecting the generator to a home power box, boat or RV, or cabin’s power system can be done by someone who has no electrical knowledge in just a few minutes.

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What Is Teslas Off Grid Generator?

The series of plans show the absolute novice how to construct a generator from parts that cost less than $108. The plans are designed so that there is no electrical or scientific background needed in order to create the generator. For the novice who has never built a home improvement project or large crafts project in their life, the entire construction should take no more than a few hours. There are well written and easy to follow instructions that accompany the plans. For those people who are more visual learners, there are also numerous videos available that walk through the entire process of building the generator.

Moreover, there are a number of different sources of support and information for those who want to create the generator and may not be sure how to install it or put it to work for them. Walking through the intended use cases for hundreds of users on the message boards and other forums that track with the intense adoption of Teslas Off Grid Generator, it’s clear that there are a lot of people who are saving on their power bills right now.

The generator itself is a way of capturing radiant energy. There is an unlimited, virtually untapped source of radiant energy around us all the time, and there is no cost associated with leveraging this pool. In addition, there is no environmental impact factor that comes into play when radiant energy is used for common personal power needs. Businesses can even take advantage of an in-house generator in order to power sensitive technological equipment and meet the increasing cost of commercially available power.

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The Environmental Impacts of Teslas Off Grid Generator

For those who are concerned about the future of the planet, the generator has solved a number of problems at once. Commercial power, no matter how it is generated, comes at a cost to the planet. The coal that is burned, or the nuclear reactions that are created, will take a toll on the environment over the long term, or will create short term disasters that cost human lives. Even modern alternative energy sources like solar power have down sides. The way that the solar panels must be manufactured today means an immediate impact on the Earth, and they are expensive to boot. Then consider wind power, which is not only unsightly, unreliable, and, like solar, must be stored in expensive and environmentally impacting batteries.

The generator has no impacts of this nature. In fact, it is pretty much environmental impact free. There are no emissions from the generator to impact air or water quality. It is extremely quiet when running, so there is no noise pollution. Fumes and particulate emissions that are detractors of traditional engines are not a problem with Teslas Off Grid Generator. Perhaps most importantly, there is no radiation involved with the generator’s capture of radiant energy. This means there is no danger to the environment when the generator is used. It’s not that common to find a solution that is a cost savings for the individual that also offers absolutely no environmental impact.

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How to Use Teslas Off Grid Generator

Reading the plans on how to build the generator is less intimidating than many people expect. However, everyone learns in different ways, and the creators of the course have taken that into consideration. The instructions that come with the plans are very easy to follow. They have been used by thousands of people around the world to successfully create a generator, and produce no cost energy that has no environmental impact.

Bearing in mind that some people do much better learning visually, there is a learning library of videos that will walk through the entire creation process with the end user. There is absolutely no question that’s been left unanswered on the forums. There are many users of the generator who believe in it strongly and participate in a community support model.

In general, though, the generator can be used to power virtually any type of electrically powered device. There are people who have used it to power electric hand tools, to charge batteries, run computers, and handle washing machines and driers. Businesses value the savings the generator can bring as well, and have used it to power lighting and sensitive electronic equipment.

Perhaps the most exciting option that becomes available with the generator is the chance to power facilities that the commercial power company doesn’t service. Literally walking off the grid, while retaining the power source necessary for comfort and modern life, is now possible. It’s easier to construct than IKEA furniture, and there are resources to help anyone make this project a successful venture. While the commercial power company will want to charge fifty thousand dollars or more to create a power source for an off-grid location, the power is literally now back in the individual’s hands. Powering a cabin, mother-in-law suite, or barn is now easy, and cost effective.
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The Benefits Of Teslas Off Grid Generator

The Tesla Off Grid Generator certainly has a lot going for it. The ability to use the generator indoors or outdoors is one of the ways in which it’s simply superior to other products on the market. The generator is not impacted by water, or damp conditions, so it can be used anywhere. Even military applications for Teslas Off Grid Generator are possible, as are rescue operations, family outings like camping trips, and even outdoor events like weddings.

When users of other alternative energy products like solar and wind are first introduced to the generator, they are envious that it can be used at night. There’s no need to install expensive and failure prone batteries to store energy for later use – the generator can produce whatever power is needed by refining radiant energy, and presenting it to the user. The time of day does not matter in the slightest.

In the United States, commercial power is threatened by aging infrastructure that cannot keep up with the demands modern individuals place on the system. There is also a growing concern that the source of power supplied by these commercial companies is not environmentally safe. The governments and other regulatory bodies that make sure there is fair pricing for services like commercial power are having trouble keeping costs affordable for the consumer.

While people are drawing more and more power every day to remain connected and productive, the country has not invested in the mechanical or passive infrastructure to generate or deliver the requisite power. This generally results in brown outs or reduced power periods and ultimately in higher costs to the consumer. The drive to return profits to investors, to research and develop new ways to achieve power independence, and the need to constantly upgrade and repair aging infrastructure means commercial power will continue to increase in expense for the foreseeable future. Consider that the national average is $0.11 per kilowatt hour for commercial power. The average four person families consumes 2,500 kilowatt hours per billing cycle, according to the commercial power company’s monitoring system. The only way to beat that system is to leave the game.

When the commercial power source goes out, there are numerous side effects. From health concerns about food and medications which require refrigeration, to industrial machinery that has to run continuously, to commercial requirements like technology that has to be accessible, there can be real financial and personal risks to loss of power. Citizens are all aware that power outages lead to fragmenting increases in criminal behavior, including looting and vandalism, and that being outside in the dark with no recourse can often lead to personal injury.

Another benefit of the generator is its lack of maintenance requirement. While many commercial generators demand frequent runs, testing processes, complicated oil and gas mixtures and other upkeep functions, Teslas Off Grid Generator does not have any maintenance requirements beyond some very basic steps outlined in the manual. There is every opportunity for the homeowner or business owner to suddenly find himself in a position of stress-free, no cost power production.

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Downsides to Teslas Off Grid Generator

For people who are very nervous about do it yourself projects, or those who are invalids and confined in their movements, the concept of building the generator can be intimidating. The instructions are so simple that even a small child can follow them, however they do require the ability to handle basic construction actions like screwing, nailing and twisting.

People who have difficulty following simple instructions, and find that they are generally happier when someone is there to do minor repairs like light bulb changes for them, will have difficulty with the process of constructing the generator. There are no complex math’s or equations to figure through, but for those who are not interested in navigating simple step by step instructions, it may be best to acquire assistance in constructing the generator.

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Costs Associated with Teslas Off Grid Generator

While the author of the plans and instructions and videos claims that the generator can be produced for under $108, there are thousands of people who have found it possible to create the generator for even less. Some report that they have spent under $20 and been able to create the generator with greater efficiency than originally documented. The parts that are required to build the generator can be found at mainstream commercial hardware stores. There is nothing exotic or complex required to create the source of free, unlimited power that many are now enjoying. The system that Dr. Ranko has released includes access for customers to reduced cost parts, including access to lower cost solar panels. There is even software included which can help home owners identify the best way to leverage solar in conjunction with the generator, based on characteristics of their business or residence. Having the troubleshooting guide with Dr. Ranko includes gives users a way to predict and proactively address common problems which can come up in some older homes, and in some businesses that are located in multi-tenant buildings.

Most users of the generator find that their savings is immediately in the range of $100-$150 per month. There are outliers who have seen even more intense savings, but the average is a good expectation to have. The reduction in power bills is a very nice incentive to experiment with the generator. Dr. Ranko includes a power monitoring system which runs as an app on an Apple or Android device, which users of the generator can read to determine how efficient and effective their generator install has been! Because the app runs over the cellular network, even when a person is not on premises at the home or business, it’s easy to get insight as to the energy use at the property at any given time.

However, the adoption of Teslas Off Grid Generator has been increased in recent years due to the various types of civil and military unrest around the world. These kind of critical events make it hard for private individuals and businesses to rely upon the power grid. Even in the United States, the aging infrastructure leads many people to question how long unlimited power on demand can possibly be provided. Having the generator in place means no more worries about commercial power outages. There can be no sun in the sky for days, a hurricane, or even an overly warm period, and there will be no interruption in the power that the generator can provide.

For those who are suffering from medical conditions that require continuous power, ensuring commercial power will be available throughout the night can be tenuous. There seems to be little the power companies can do to make sure that the breathing machine, or refrigerator stays on. These items, among others, can be key to survival for COPD patients and those with diabetes.

Some people have said that Teslas Off Grid Generator sounds too good to be true, and Dr. David Ranko, who has released the premier guide to capturing radiant energy, understands why they might feel that way. He has created the instructional guide, plans and videos with painstaking care and attention to detail. So many people have adopted the generator as their main power source that Dr. Ranko feels utterly confident in the guide, and in the technology. He offers a sixty day money back guarantee to put people at ease when thinking about investing in the simple off-grid system. In addition, the system includes free premium lifetime support. Anyone who has a question or a concern as they are building their generator has rapid access to experts. When the generator is complete and it’s time to connect it to the home power system, there are electricians and others to advise on the process. And over the course of time, in the unlikely event that there are any issues with the generator’s maintenance or efficiency, Dr. Ranko’s team will be able to help resolve them at no cost.

For consumers who are still skeptical, one test that some people have done involves constructing a smaller, scale model of the generator which would have the ability to charge a mobile phone or run a small low-power light. This way the investment is even lower, and there is a chance to practice first.

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The Future with Teslas Off Grid Generator

In the 1950’s, it was assumed that most people would have a personal nuclear reactor by this time. The generation of private power, for the consumption of the individual at no cost, was a given. We haven’t progressed as quickly as we once assumed we would, and modern power demands have increased significantly with the advances in personal technology. Over the last thirty years, the understanding of what it means to have commercial power has evolved and become even more critical. There’s nothing preventing any one person, no matter how unskilled in do it yourself, from becoming the personal power plant that was projected in the 1950s. The generator now gives everyone the opportunity to be free from the tether to the commercial power grid, while still living a modern and connected life. Dr. Ranko’s simple off grid power system has given more options for free power to more people than Tesla could ever have imagined.

To take advantage of the revolutionary, natural and no cost power generation that Tesla wanted us to have decades ago, take a look at Dr. Ranko’s website.


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